From the beginning, black music was a primary feature of The Channel’s eclectic lineup of headliners. Episode 7 explores The Channel’s embrace of early hip-hop, reggae, funk and R&B acts–and the impact it had on a still racially segregated Boston, where outsiders feared going to South Boston and black audiences in particular feared visiting Southie for any reason. The Channel’s embrace of this music, along with inside accounts from some of the people who were there, highlights this special episode–including commentary from reggae legend Peter Tosh.

This is the seventh episode in the true story of Boston’s legendary live music club, The Channel.

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Music featured in this episode: Danny Tucker, “Tell It Out,” Zion Initiation, “Call It Down,” Barrence Whitfield & The Savages, “Georgia Slop.” Intro music courtesy of Jon Butcher Axis.
Contributing storytellers in this episode: Peter Tosh, Danny Tucker, Kevin Aylmer, Chachi LoPrete, Rick Anderson, Dart Adams, Peter Booras, Barrence Whitfield, Cosmo Macero Jr.

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