Boston Venue: Season One Bonus Episode: Peter Tosh, In His Own Words

Crafting each episode of Boston Venue: The Channel Story is a painstaking process involving hours of research, combing through a ton of archival material. Occasionally, some incredible hidden gems pop up…like this long-lost interview with reggae icon Peter Tosh. Harry Booras and author Kevin Aylmer drove to New York City one day in the late 80’s to meet with Tosh, albeit each with their own agenda.

You heard a small portion of this previously unheard tape in Episode 7, “Mama Africa.” Now, as a bonus between Episode 8 and Episode 9, we’re giving you a chance to listen to the full raw audio–it’s like eavesdropping on a piece of history. Peter Tosh muses on everything from race relations to human spirituality to rap music to, yes, the vast difference between “the herb” and “drugs.”

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Music featured in this episode: “Where’d You Go,” provided by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Contributing storytellers in this episode: Peter Tosh, Kevin Almer.

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Conceived and created by Harry Booras. Executive Producer, David Ginsburg. Produced by Chachi LoPrete. Written and edited by Harry Booras. Audio production by Dan Thibeault. Graphic Design by Lisa St. John-Bennett. Narrated by John Laurenti.