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SEASON ONE, EPISODE TEN, Part 2: “The Not-So-Great Finale”

In the long-awaited conclusion of Boston Venue: The Channel Story, the club is going to be auctioned off in bankruptcy–again. Just like everything else in this sordid tale, nothing adds up, the mob is always lurking, and the end of the club–and a life–is imminent.

This is the second part of the tenth and final episode of Boston Venue: The Channel Story, Season 1, the true story of Boston’s legendary live music club, The Channel.

Music featured in this episode: Wargasm, New Models, Bim Skala Bim, and Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Intro music courtesy of Jon Butcher Axis.

Contributing storytellers in this episode:  Kevin Aylmer, Steve Marullo, Casey Lindstrom, Dan Vitale, and Peter Booras.

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Boston Venue: The Channel Story was conceived and created by Harry Booras. Executive Producer, David Ginsburg. Produced by Chachi Loprete. Written by Harry Booras. Contributing writers: David Ginsburg and Jennifer Sea Booras. Edited by: Christopher O’Keefe. Recording engineer: Tory Lam. Audio production by Tony Baglio. Graphic designer: Lisa St. John Bennett. Narrated by John Laurenti.