In its first 60 days, The Channel had a run of winning shows featuring a schedule of first tier rock ‘n’ roll headliners including Levon Helm, Joe Cocker and Johnny Thunders. But booking national touring bands into The Channel wasn’t easy. Entrenched promoters didn’t want the competition. Local radio held an outsize influence on the success–or failure–of each show. Getting acts like The B-52’s and Gang of Four booked took a combination of balls and finesse…not to mention keeping in-house security under control at a time when Southie turf wars raged and cocaine was everywhere.

This is the third episode of the true and complete story of Boston’s legendary live music club, The Channel. As this 8-episode season continues, you’ll hear all about the club’s gritty beginnings, 1980s live music heyday, and the bitter end, when local mobsters leave the club in ruins…and leave one man dead, sparking a 25-year mystery.

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Music featured in this episode, “Lost in Loveland,” provided by Charlie Farren and Farrenheit. Contributing storytellers in this episode: Peter Booras, Phyllis Craine, Brad Mindich, Charlie Farren, Chachi LoPrete, and Carter Alan.

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Conceived and created by Harry Booras. Executive Producer, David Ginsburg. Produced by Chachi LoPrete. Written by Christopher O’Keeffe. Contributing writers: Harry Booras and David Ginsburg. Recording engineer: Tory Van Lam. Audio production by Tony Baglio and Dan Thibeault. Narrated by John Laurenti.